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Welcome to paretos’ official documentation. Here you can find all important information to get started unlocking the potential of your models. For first time users it is recommended to go through the single topics steps by step. Otherwise jump directly to the matching point. Before starting with the tutorial make sure you have a working API key. If you need one get in touch with us here:

Request Consumer Token

With your API Key you are now ready to follow the following steps. If you already have a model setup you can directly jump to step number two:

  1. Check the model readiness level and learn how to improve the readiness
  2. Optimize the model and unlock its full potential
  3. Visualize your results within our provided dashboard
  4. Resume optimization based on the learnings of analysing results
  5. Checkout API Endpoints for deeper understanding

For further questions or feedback for improvement feel free to contact us.

Happy coding!