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Paretos dashboard

For an easy visualisation of your results a prebuilt dashboard is provided. It enables to connect fast to the database created by paretos optimization and is hosted locally.

Host the Local Dashboard

To host the dashboard and connect to the database create a small python script at the same place of your optimization script in the following way:

from paretos import Config, Paretos

config = Config(dashboard_port="5000")

paretos = Paretos(config)
The dashboard can be accessed at http://localhost:5000 by default.

In case your database is located elsewhere, you can pass its path using data_source_name. for eg. if the data source is present in below path C:\Users\admin\PycharmProjects\test\paretos.sqlite3

then use the data source name as below


from paretos import Config, Paretos

config = Config(

paretos = Paretos(config)